1 week later..

Ahh so my first week of livin' da vida london is over, and i'm still alive hurray! Love it here, huge culture shock coming from a small rural town, but pretty exciting. My first week as a intern studio design assistant has seen me doing the expected; tea making, answering phone calls, research, cad drawings, mood boards and the completely unexpected; changing indonesia money to sterling, phoning a restaurant in italy and making a booking, shipping things to hong kong. But its all good, everyone I work with is lovely, and have been helping me.
Our flat is great too, although on the first night the fire alarm went off and water was dripping through the ceiling, cue going to neighbours upstairs who we hadn't met in our pjs and no makeup on. Therefore 3 of us decided to stay in one bed downstairs, just incase there was a fire! Its a good job we're close friends, if you're wondering I was in the middle of the sandwich so I was quite cosy :)
Lets hope next week is full of adventure but with less flooding.