The first day of the rest of your life

Welcome to my blog, thought i'd jump on the ol' blog bandwagon and what better day to start then on the first of a brand new year. I hope you had a lovely christmas and new year. I went to Leeds last night, to a bar called Baby Jupiters and then on to Nation of shopkeepers, had a really good night, although woke up today feeling slightly "sensitive". Probably didn't help that the inflatable bed I was sleeping on deflated during the night so I was just sleeping on wooden floor. Christmas was lovely aswell, I got marc jacobs daisy perfume, which I absolutely love! I love perfume, its my favourite thing to get. I also got the usual mum present of socks and knickers. Then I got some money, which is crap when you're older, as instead of going on clothes, it goes on practical things like rent and bills, woo! Anyway, this blog will be about anything really; fashion, art, design, graphics, music, life, random things, I hope you enjoy reading it.
What are your new years resolutions? Here are mine (I figure if I have them written down I may stick to them)
Be more proactive, Take oppotunities, Take risks, Take more photos, Start reading books (again) and finally eat less crap and tone up.
Happy New Year everyone, bring on 2010!
p.s the photo is the view from my garden, it is nice to live in the countryside!