New Look Flagship

I paid a visit to the new New Look Flagship that opened on Oxford Street this week, and well I was very disappointed. Not only did I feel like I had walked into a shop sized tanning bed (the lights were sooo bright) All the staff looked so miserable and as though they'd worked there years. Now I am a big New look lover, infact I've work for them for 3 years, and loved it. But come on, when across the road you have Topshop, you could atleast make a little effort. I just felt like I'd walked into any other New Look, except there was 10 times the amount of stock. A flagship should be different to any other shop, because its a Flagship. In Topshop, everything has been carefully considered, from the lighting, the fittings, the window displays, theres no other Topshop like it. I felt very uninspired to shop, whereas in Topshop, I want to buy something, so when people ask me where its from I can say Topshop Oxford Street, its like a badge of honour, you could buy the same dress from the Topshop in Middlesbrough, yet somehow it seems so much better because you've got it from the Flagship. Oxford Street is a world famous street, not just a bog standard high street so why can't shops on it make a bit more effort?
Anway....rant overrrrr,

Happy Valentines day, quite possibly the worst day of the year.