The giant mug, the thinking babies hat

I've been hankering after a pair of white high top trainers for ages, so when I came across these BEAUTIFUL Nike Air Royaltys I couldn't resist buying them, They were £69.99 but I got them for £21, off absolute bargain! Anyway here they are (and yes you should be very very jealous :D)

.....but imagine my suprise when the package arrived and I also got a free mug! I have absolutely no idea why sportsdirect think a mug is a suitable free gift with trainers? Personally I would have gone for some laces (much cheaper and lighter in the post) but I'm not complaining, partly because it was FREE and its a giant mug, the type of mug you can fit both fists into (and i've done it) Its also a good hearty cuppa mug, or an alternative hat for babies. Here is a photo of the said mug, I put it next to a normal mug for illustrative purposes, check it out and prepare to be amazed!!!!!