The time I went to a car park in Peckham

When told I was about to visit 'sarf of the river' to go to a multi storey carpark, a vast array of scary images entered my head, as this was my first time to Peckham, I had all the typical sterotypes of the area in my mind. Well I'm happy to say I was very pleasantly suprised! Its basically like Hackney (where I currently reside) but without the pretentious knob ed's AND its got a Morissons! Anyway the reason for me making the journey was to go to the launch of Bold Tendencies, an event in its 4th year which is organised by the Hannah Barry Gallery. Venturing to the car park above the cinema filled me with excitement, lots of young, fashionable people were all drifting to the same set of yellow doors, there was a real buzz in the air! We had to take the stairs up to the 5th floor, I felt like I was in the opening credits of skins with when all the people were running up the stairs together.

The project is about art; contemporary and somewhat bonkers art scattered over the top two floors. Because it was a launch night, it was rammed! Not only was there a FREE bar there was live music. There was such a good feeling in the air, and the view over London when the sun was setting was amazing. I had lots of fun and will definately making a return to the car park, the exhibition is open until 30th September and its free!

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