Browns Focus Windows as feature on Dazed Digital

Its been a manic few weeks, hence the fact I'm now only just blogging on Browns Christmas windows. First; Browns Focus windows, working with an artist called Jeremy Hutchinson, who is lovely by the way! Focus windows were transformed into an art installation, featuring the word please in neon hung centrally in the windows on to a backdrop of velvet curtains. The windows gave a stark contrast to the usual heavy product, shiny, glitzy Christmas windows found on the high street. Only one product is featured in each window, and the product changes everday, you can see which product is featured each day, and shop it online

The windows were also featured alongside a full interview with Jeremy at Dazed Online, you can have a ganders at the interview here:

I hope you'll agree that these christmas windows are fab and are a nice change to the norm, here are some photos I took,