Illustration; Calaveras!

My bf got me this great book for Christmas called "Calaveras, Mexican Prints for the day of the dead"
Calaveras is Spanish for Skulls
I'm having a little obsession with these types of drawings at the moment, and seeing as I haven't drawn in AGEEESSSS I thought I'd bash an illustration out based on the book, I used fine liners 3 & 5 mm, hope you like it! (Click on it to make it bigger)

p.s this would make a bloody great tattoo!


  1. Hello Charlotte! Thanks very much for following me!
    Your blog is really nice,and I really really liked all the photos you took with your Diana!
    I wish I could have a job related to fashion too... :) Are you a designer?
    The illustration is so cool!! Keep up the beautiful posts! Kisses!!

  2. Thank you Christina! I have just returned from a year working in London, where I worked in a design consultancy & doing visual merchandising, now I'm back in northern england to finish my degree, then its back to London x