Liam Sparkes at the Wayward Gallery

Illustrator and tattoo artist Liam Sparkes has just opened a new exhibition at the Wayward Gallery London. Based and inspired on tattoos found on Russian criminals, gypsies and general underworld of Eastern Europe. I love these types of tattoos & illustration styles so thought I'd share this with you:

(all images from

If you like them you should check out the "Encyclopedia of Russian Criminal Tattoos"
by Sergey Vasiliev and Danzig Baldayev who over a 30 year time frame collected photographs and drawings from the criminals from the notorious St Petersburg prison Kresty.

Enjoy x


  1. The "Bad Moon" wolf tattoo is me...

    You have a very cool blog!

  2. WOW! really
    ahhh your tat is so cool!

    & thank you :)