Minolta x300 (lots of photos)

I recently purchased myself a rather snazzy 35mm SLR, seeing as I cant afford a digital one! I picked up a vintage Minolta x300 from ebay and I've just got my first pictures from it, from beginnings of a few nights out. I'm so pleased with them! They are taken on ISO 200, with a flash gun. I can't wait to get my next set developed, what do you think?

The lovely Kate

Snuggled up

Niki took this photo of me, I look HARD!

Us looking like a girlband

Attempt at Self Timer

Me & Hannah!


Me again on a different night!

Beautiful Niki

Hannah looking lovely

Me and Kirsty

Kirsty looking like shes stepped directly from the 60s

Me and my gorgeous friend Hannah

My lovely flatmates


  1. These are gorgeous! Your new camera takes lovely photos and you all look effortlessly stylish da-harlings xx

  2. love your blogg i follow you!


  3. Wow, these photos are so clear, Charlotte. You all look lovely! xxx

  4. you dont hear of anyone using film slr anymore so good on you

  5. your friend kirsty has the most beautiful dress ever! and i love your hair. i love your blog, maybe we could follow each other? xx