Louis Vuitton: Double Exposure

Louis Vuitton's latest muse artist Sam Taylor Wood has been the first to pose for its new Double Exposure campaign. The project reveals the two sides of the subject's life, photographed using the mercurial collodion process, it requires the sitter to hold a pose for 12 seconds, and be filmed with their most personal belongings. The images that were made are beautiful and the film to go alongside is equally beautiful. I'm being a bit bias about this as it was my friend who helped shoot the film & the launch party film :) But you can watch the film for yourself & I think you'll agree. Its nice to see that such a huge mega brand like Louis Vuitton appreciates the unique & delicate outcomes of film photography.

you can watch the launch night video & see more images here: http://www.vogue.co.uk/video/voguetv/player.aspx/exclusives/video,10324/
Wish I was at this party!


  1. yeah i like the older model too, it makes it feel more accessible and well realistic i guess. i'd much prefer to look like him than some urban trendy guy like most the all saints crowd.

    ahhh phew i'm not alone, i've done the shop thing! i even find myself tidying in shops but i have to stop myself(not in a freakish way, just putting a hanger neat or sommat). we sound very alike me and you.

    that's really nice to see, above. she seems so sweet and passionate about what she loves. great subject, ps you must see nowhere boy