India - Part five

We set off from Nako heading to Tabo, a 65km ride. The first 7 km were up hill, and very steep at that, sharp corners, and the roads now are not tarmac, just rubble! So I'm pretty much constantly cycling in low gear just to get some control. We had to cycle through a river that ran across the road. I was expecting a small stream, oh how wrong I was, haha! I was doing so well until I hit a rock and fell it, it was freezing! But in the 30 degree heat I soon dried out. We then started our descent, it was so dangerous, one side of the road was a 2000m drop, the other a sheer cliff race. The road was awful and just rubble, no grip much so, I fell off! It was my own fault really, I was going too fast, lost control then went over the handlebars. I landed on a rock on my ribs. It was pretty nasty and I went to hospital, thankfully didn't need stitches, but if you are of a nervous disposition....don't look at the photos. I had to get in the van, I was struggling with my breathing (didn't help we were at altitude) and was bleeding.

I hate the van! So frustrating, but I managed to get some good photos of the road we were cycling. I have managed to earn myself some pretty impressive scars from my fall, nearly all healed now, and my ribs aren't hurting anymore, yay!