India - Part four

The first part of today was 18km down hill (yessss!) then it was 41km up and flat (boo!!) The landscape as we left Rekong Peo changed dramatically, hardly any trees, just barren rock, we were heading towards Puh. We had heard there had been a landslide the previous day, so it was unsure whether the road would have been cleared in time, thankfully it was. It was so tiring cycling on the road as it was just a constant low gear bumpy ride slog, the dust from passing lorries was also quite hard to deal with. 7km from Puh, we hit another landslide, except this one had been deliberate, as they are widening the road. But this meant we couldn't get through, hello 24 hours camped by the side of the road, it was actually quite fun, and we all camped together in one big tent. Very surreal seeing all that rock, everyone was just stood around watching!

After 24 hours by the side of the road, we continued on to Puh (not before carrying our bikes over the remaining rubble) It was getting very dark by this point and we still had another 42km to go (uphill) it was too dangerous, so we had to do the last part to Nako in the van. By the time we reached the campsite it was pitch black, and we had climbed 1000m. The next morning we explored the village, Nako was beautiful, it had a buddhist temple, and a beautiful lake surrounded by hundreds of prayer stones. There was also hindu temples that were over a 1000 years old with huge wooden prayer wheels inside.


  1. this part of the journey sounds very tiring, wicked photos though. right in the action