India - Part one

The main reason I went to India was to complete a 760km cycle in 10 days for charity. Cycling in harsh conditions & on harsh terrain, up some very steep hills & climbing up to 15,000ft! Well I can proudly say - I DID IT! I am over the moon, it was tough, there were plenty of tears, frustration and pain, but it was worth it. It was the most amazing experience of my life & I will never forget it!

My Indian adventure started in Delhi, what a crazy city! Very dirty, but vibrant, and people everywhere! We got to visit a childreach international (the charity I raised the money for) project. It was a day school for slum children, we spent the afternoon there playing with the kids. It was wonderful, the kids were so much fun, we made hats & danced around to punjab music - these kids had moves!

The next day we took the train to Kalka, then boarded the UNESCO toy train to Shimla. I had wanted to do this journey for a very long time, it was beautiful. 5 hours climbing up into the mountains, with spectacular views of the stunning & lush landscape. Shimla was built by the British as a summer retreat, there were some very odd tudor esque buildings! The next day we started our cycle, 10 days, 7 nights of camping & 3 in guesthouses. It poured down on our first day, so we got very muddy. Lots of fun though.


  1. this is just brilliant, best thing i've seen on a blog in ages. such and amazing and exciting opportunity for you, i tip my hat to you charlotte