India - Part three

The Himalayas are very lush, so lush in fact that Marijuana grows wild! It's illegal in India though, but the smell, very overwhelming sometimes (although I'm sure it probably helped getting up those hills!) In Wangtu I met a man who lived in a cave, he must have been about 80, he didn't speak any english but he was lovely, he welcomed us into his cave, proper little set up! He had a wife, he had made his own trousers (he had 50 goats higher up in the mountains) he also brewed his own rice wine (saki). Basically he was a pretty cool dude.

After a night camping in Wangtu, we cycled to Rekong-Peo, beautiful views of the village below, which had a temple that played prayers over a tannoy across the village. There are so many apple trees around. We ventured into town a few km down the hill, random photo of a pug dog that I had to take a photo of! In India there are so many men, no women around at all, it is quite intimidating, especially as the men like to stare. I am a tall lady, so was twice the size of many men, I must have been a strange sight. There was a hindu prayer wheel in the middle of the town square, I span it 3 times in a clockwise motion to bring us good luck!


  1. men i caves? this is turning into a film script. hopefully there will be more posts