India - Part two

On our first night of cycling we were camping, some little children (indian children are very curious) came to see us, Harry & myself played with them for a while, they were so cute, and one was wearing these cute red wellies! They must have been from the ages of 4/5 - 7? As soon as I got my camera out they all lined up like soldiers for this photo.

Next day was a 73km cycle to Rampur, the weather was beautiful day, but so hot, cycling in 30 degree heat is NOT fun! But the views were epic. We were staying in a guesthouse tonight, we visited the beautiful Sharahan temple, where we had to take our shoes off, and we had to cover our heads. We were blessed by the priest, he gave us the red spot on our foreheads, some holy water to drink & sweets. The temple was gorgeous, ornate carvings everywhere, & it was so peaceful I could have stayed there all night.