India - Part eight

The day after rest day, I was cycling again, but my moral was at an all time low, the first 35km was fine, up and down on rubble/gravel roads, but ok taking it slowly, but there was a 5km incline that was so steep, I made it, but it killed me. I was in so much pain with my ribs. I had a massive crying fit and hurled some rocks around. I was frustrated that my body was exhausted and couldn't cope, the last part of the day was spent crying in the van. Not a good day for me, reaching deep to overcome the pain. In fact in my journal this day is only a few lines of words. It sounds cliche, but I learnt a lot about myself.

On to the next day, after a few pep talks from my fellow cyclists and my new Indian friends, I woke up feeling better. The campsite we had stayed at was beautiful, so remote. We spent the night looking at the stars, there were no clouds and you could see thousands. It was freezing though! Sleeping in hoodie, socks and wooly hats at the moment! The first part of today was uphill, a horrible unforgiving road as well. I had altitude sickness at this point too, the air was a lot thinner as today was the highest point, Kunjum (or Kunzum) pass, 14,931 feet! I was so proud as I managed to cycle it, and it was so beautiful when we reached the top. Prayer flags and prayer stones everywhere, I was so overcome that I was there, it was great, we had group photo and there was lots of hugging. I was in so much pain though but it was definitely worth it.