India - Part Seven

The day after the night before......everyone woke up later than usual (everyone was very hungover!) but thankfully we had a rest day. The weather was perfect, it's not that warm this high up, (still warm enough for t-shirt & shorts) but not awful and sweaty. We went to a monastery further up the valley, climbing up a very hairy road! We were shown around by a monk, who spoke amazing English, he also had on the coolest casio style watch, proves you get hipsters everywhere! We had our photo taken with an Indian family, and there was a holy man in his orange robes fascinated by my cuts. The monastery was beautiful, and like all the monastery's we had been to, they had a special bed for the Dalai Lama (and photos of all the times he had visited)
We were lucky enough to go into the kitchen and the monk made us chai (tea) I felt so lucky, very humbling to be sat high up in the Himalayas sipping tea with a monk.

The rest of the rest day we wandered around the nearest town (and by town I mean village) I went to an internet cafe (there are surprisingly quite a lot of them) to get in contact with my parents, there isn't phone signal that high up so I had't been able to tell them about my fall. We also stopped up on sugary treats from the German Bakery, I haven't a clue why they are called German bakerys, but they sell amazing cakes! I'm talking apple pie, croissants, lemon drizzle! yum! then we went back to the campsite for delicious tea! It was nice to chill, catch up on writing in my journal, and play games with everyone!