India - Part six

The campsite we stayed in the night of my fall was the nicest yet, a proper hippie hangout, next door to a monastery. We even got to shower (first in 4 days, so I felt CLEAN!) I had been given some very strong tablets from the hospital, and had taken one too many, so that evening I was very delirious and giddy, much to the entertainment of my fellow cyclists! I had a great night's sleep though.

The next day I wasn't allowed to cycle, I was still in quite a bit of pain. Halfway through the day we stopped at Monastery, it was so high up on the rocks, beautiful. The views were amazing, the valley down below, and the snow topped hills in the background. The campsite that night was practically in the river (well in the delta of the river) it was so peaceful, the boys of the group went into the nearby town to buy alcohol as the next day we had a rest day so decided to have a party! You can take the English out of England, but we'll be rowdy anywhere!
We had a big campfire, danced alot, drank a lot (drinking at altitude affects you in very strange ways) It was so much fun though!