Baltic 39 Newcastle

Located on High Bridge Street, Baltic 39 is a new art and creative hub in the centre of Newcastle. Previously owned by the Wayward gallery, Baltic 39 has been relaunched as a collaboration between Newcastle City Council, the Baltic and Northumbria University.

It’s aim is to bring together upcoming artists and encourage the growing creative scene in Newcastle. The building contains 32 studios and two art galleries. The building itself its a hugely impressive 6 storey former printing warehouse and has been modernised into the into a beautiful steel, concrete and glass structure but still retains the original ceramics tiles and hints of it's grade two listed building past. This is a not only a unique space to Newcastle but to the UK.

Northumbria will be locating their third year undergraduate and masters students to the new space, helping double the capacity of the courses. The gallery on the top floor of Baltic 39 will be managed by the Baltic and will showcase contemporary upcoming artists. The second gallery on the first floor will expand upon the already existing partnership between Northumbria University and the Baltic with the B x NU Insitute of Contemporary Art, where students will be able to work alongside established artists and showcase their work in a truly unique creative environment.

The gallery space is not only unique to the North East but to the UK, a fantastic coming together of brilliant artists such as Amy Dover and Dan Holdsworth amongst many others. I was lucky enough to interview Amy for my final project at university so got to have a good look at the studios. It's amazing to have something so special based here in Newcastle.

The galleries are open to the public, Monday to Sundays 12-6pm with late opening on Thursdays until 8pm.

For more information:
Amy Dover:
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Dan Holdsworth
Amy Dover


  1. looks like a fab place to be inspired by, work in and showcase. must feel pretty good to have something like this

  2. Definitely! Makes me proud to see the North East art scene growing :)