Slow Down Joe

After having the craziest 4 months - think end of degree, a few trips to London, a few shows, a few holidays, a graduation, a house move and starting my new job I can finally start to think about blogging again, and my first blogpost is dedicated to the wonderful online shop that is Slow Down Joe.

Ok I'm slightly biased as I only recently discovered that they were based in York (30 minutes down the road from me) and they sell some of my favourite homeware brands. The website is sleek and the range of products is varied and beautiful. I love the visual merchandising and the simple photography makes every item look like a piece of art. I don't even like coffee but look at the coffee maker! 

I'm a big fan of good packaging and simple Japanese design, and this website doesn't fail to deliver. Prices are reasonable and you can pick up some lovely gifts and publications for yourself or a loved one (who lives in the same house as you)

1. The Superior Labor Market Bag White and Brown £120.00
2. Antica Cartotenica Vintage Pencils- Red £15.00
3. Chemex Classic 10 Cup Coffee Maker £45.00
4. Real McCoy's Deadstock US Navy Mug Cup £30.00
5. Lunettes Kollektion Fare Bella Figura in Leo £210.00
6. Brutus Casa Magazine August 2012 £17.50


  1. hey nice to hear things are going good and you have a job and stuff. nice one! still not there on that front so i'm hoping to start someone of my own. yeah SDJ is a great little store, I've blogged about them before too. loads of ace gifts. esp like the bag and pencils from you picks

    1. Thanks love, its been hectic but finally getting into a normal routine! starting your own business would be amazing, you could set up a rival for SDJ :) I would love to do that eventually! I'm going to get back into this now, will be keeping a close eye on your blog :) x

  2. I am a stationary whore and I would be all over those pencils like a tramp on chips! Haha! Awesome photography!

    1. hahahahah I actually just laughed out loud at that! I love stationary too, the simplier the better x