Shop Review: Hickoree's Brooklyn

On my recent trip to New York I knew that one shop that I had to visit was Hickoree's. Whilst primarily an online venture, I was curious to see the store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. So after leaving my mum and sister in Manhatten I popped over to Brooklyn for some me time. Located on 109 South Street I found the shop easily, as it is located on the 2nd floor there are no initial VM window displays or great beaming signs, just a lovely old fashion letter black pin board. 

The shop itself is a basic space, exposed brick walls with a long table running down the middle. Clothes are hung on rails and laid on the table, whilst outfit ideas have been cleverly put together on one wall of racking. 

The guys in the shop were lovely, and very helpful. Hickoree's stock a huge variety of brands online so only a few can be in the shop, all the major brands were represented; Dickies, Field notes, the Hillside and Drifter. 

If you are lucky enough to go to Brooklyn I would recommend a visit to Hickoree's the quality of the brands they buy is reflected in the effort they have put into the shop and the friendliness of the staff. This is a brand that genuinely believes in what it does. 

Here are a few pieces that I'm liking from Hickoree's

1. Phigvel Makers Deck Shirt in Russet Twill $285
2. Post overalls "Royal Traveller" Vest $255
3. Kapital "Surf Gabbeh" socks $70
4. Dickies "1949" slim straight work pant in Olive $150

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  1. so very jealous of you visiting Hichoree's. I love their brand and what they do, it's just pretty perfect, doesn't take itself too seriously and stock some amazing stuff. what a wall display too

  2. I was so determined to go and see it as I know I won't be there again for a lonnnnnng time, very cool brand! shame its a trillion pounds for shipping ha!

  3. Hi Charlotte, Hope all is well. I’m contacting you on behalf of OPR (a PR agency in Newcastle) after following your blog to ask for your email address so we can contact you with any future blogger opportunities and future events. Thanks, Stephen.

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