Shop Review: Brook Farm General Store

Following on from my shop review of Hickoree's in Brooklyn I thought I'd show you the Brook Farm General Store, a stone's throw from Hickorees, located on South 6th Street, this place is a little gem in Brooklyn! Similar to Labor and Wait in London, the shop offers a lovely selection of small sized homeware and stationery. Basically this shop is full of nice things you want in your converted warehouse apartment/town house/modern penthouse downtown.

Anyway.....the shop has a rather unimposing front, a black and grey colour scheme with a simple sign and windows that look like they could below to an apartment. Inside the shop is airy and light and filled with lots of lovely items!

Simple muted colours of products work well together, to create a very clean feel to the shop, nothing is overly branded, just simple nicely designed functional products. 

For those who love simple interiors, white space and natural fabrics this is the shop for you! I could have bought everything in here (if I had the budget and luggage space) The products are about quality and speak volumes, more so then any fancy pattern or designer labelling could!

Here's a pick of my favourite things currently on sale at Brook Farm General Store:

1. Rosewood Folding Knife $45
2. Leather Dog Collar $39
3. Maple Bread Board $37
4. Enamel Plate (set of 4) $40
5. Hammam Towel £68
6. Laksha Glass $12

The shop also sells through their website, so go and have a look at their other wares:

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All images of the shop are my own, please ask before using them
All product images are taken from Brook Farm General Store Website.


  1. looks lovely, really my sort of store. good comparison to labour and wait, similar products but looks like they have some nice stuff the other doesn't. i'm really into these no pressure sort of shops.

    any more on your travels?