Tattooist Maxime Büchi

I came across the work of Maxime Büchi on Instagram and I immediately fell in love with his style of tattooing. Previous readers of my Blog will know I have a bit of a strange fascination/admiration or tattoos, even making a book about them. Maxime's work is unlike any other tattoo artists I've seen, hence the fact I wanted to write about him on here. His work is inspired by beautiful oil paintings by the masters, organic shapes in science and natural with the in depth line detail of botanical drawings. With limited or no colour, it is a struggle for many tattooists to convey details and depth, yet with a clever use of a delicate lines and dot shading Maxime seems to succeed in creating works of art worthy to show off constantly. His work is unique and he has definite style to his tattooing, something I think is immensely important in this age where everyone but your grandma is a tattooist. Anyway enough writing from me, here are some photos of his work. 

All images of Maximes work are taken from his Tumblr go check it out and follow!


  1. excellent, i think my favs are the roses and the triangle shapes. nice to see some difference

  2. Yes I love his geometric shapes and his use of fine lines, very delicate!

  3. You might also like Xoil's work: it's not a style I'd have personally, but it is interesting to see someone ding something different