10 Gifts for under £10

I've written a gift guide for and him and for her, but I thought I should put one together for those of us with a normal budget! Here is my list of 10 things under £10, for him and for her. Perfect as stocking fillers or for those people who seem to already have everything!

1. "Big Love" Timbergram postcard, I love Timbergram these postcards are printed on 3mm thick birch wood and make beautiful keepsakes, they can be embossed with a message too and for only £3.95 they are completely value for money! Available from www.timbergram.com

2. I love collecting nice cards/postcards etc as they are the cheapest form of art, you can get some delightful designs, like this one by Chase and Wonder called "King of the Forest" Get a cheap frame and put a whole load of them on your wall and hey presto you have you very own (cheap) art gallery! £2.50 available from Fable and Folly at www.fableandfolly.com

3. A little bit of kitsch never goes amiss in gifts and this cute bunny light is the right balance of girly-ness and style. £4.99 available from Mollie and Fred at www.mollieandfred.co.uk

4. A mug at Christmas is pretty standard, but these enamel mugs make for something slightly unusual, 3 very cool colours to choose from, these mugs will withstand a lot of wear and tear. £7.95 available from Howkapow at www.howkapow.com

5. These polaroid notes are great for sending post Christmas thank you's but you can also use them to decorate a plain wall or put them in frames. Nice keepsakes! £9.99 available from Mollie and Fred at www.mollieandfred.co.uk

6. Ok, so I may have slightly cheated with this one as its £2.50 over budget BUT this delightful tea towel has been made in England, and it's just a lovely illustration! "Sophisticated Dog" Tea Towel £12.50 available from Chase and Wonder at www.shop.chaseandwonder.com

7. Practical and nice to look at, this bottle opener can become part of your kitchen décor rather than being shoved away in a drawer, also you can pretend you work in a bar. £8.00 available from Labor and Wait at www.labourandwait.co.uk

8. It's another wooden postcard, this time something with a regal feel, £3.95 available from Timbergram at www.timbergram.com

9. A shot glass that has two functions, the first, it has measuring lines up the side to measure up to 6 teaspoons, secondly it'll make sure you still look awesome when you downing your 7th shot on New Year's Eve. £3.00 Available from Harrop and Penny at www.harropandpenny.co.uk

10. Who doesn't like stationery? These cute coloured masking tapes add a bit of jazz to any wrapping, pick and mix your colours, you can get 3 to be under £10! £3.00 each available from Present and Correct at www.presentandcorrect.com

Thanks for reading!