Burberry Acoustic Sessions: Vinyl Jacket

My lovely friend Bob Allan is a advocate of all things related to North East Music, not only does he have his own record label (Calico Print) he also works for Generator North East, who, through limited Government funding help support talented north east bands and young artists to get into the music industry. Well he's also a talented musician himself, and played the bass in not one but two bands. 

A band that Bob manage, Vinyl Jacket, have been very successful 'oop north' and it seems they've caught the attention of the Fashion House Burberry. Asked to record a session for Burberry's Acoustic sessions, Vinyl Jacket have come up with a beautiful rendition of their track "Koala" Filmed in Wylam, (just a bit further down the Tyne River from Newcastle) And here it is for your ears to enjoy:

It's great to see some local lads doing well! 
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