Christmas Gift Ideas: For Him

So last week I wrote a blog entry of some nice gift ideas for her so this time the presents are for the chaps! I promise after this I will do a post of gifts under £10 for us normal waged people! Anyway hope you like my suggestions.

1. Man-li-fy up his afternoon Darjeeling with this nautical cup and saucer from Luna and Curious £24 available at:

2. Keep his hands warm in style with these wool and deer leather gloves by Fox River Mills £35 available at:

3. Winter can be harsh on the skin so keep moisturised with Gameface moisturiser by Triumph and Disaster  I love this just for the packaging! £34 available from
4. Every Gentleman needs a good pen, this lovely fountain pen from Kaweco will make the perfect gift $28 from

5. Trickers can do no wrong, so when they teamed up with End Clothing for a limited release of styles you know they would only ever turn out beautiful. These Brogues are £360 and are available exclusively from end clothing at

6. When you think of naff Christmas gifts you always think of socks, loved by Grans and Aunties alike, you should suggest your Aunty Pat gets you these socks by Wigwam cypress (they'd look awesome with the Trickers) £12 available from

7. I love this military style watch from Timex for J.Crew, it's smart, subtle are perfect for everyday wear. £123.90 available from

8. You cannot go wrong with a chambray shirt, it is a wardrobe staple. This shirt is from Inventory and is made in Japan. I don't need to say any more about this classic , $255 available from

Thanks for reading.