Christmas Gifts: What I bought for him

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and were thoroughly spoilt, I wanted to show you one present that I bought my boyfriend as I think some of you guys will like it too! I knew I wanted to get him a watch - but not rolling in money, I wanted something at a fair price but that would be special. I've always loved the Timex military style watches, and I couldn't afford a J.crew or Uniform Wares one so I ended up on Etsy.

 There I found Patrick who owns a brand called "Motor street" based in Dallas, Texas, he specialises in all things leather and I found this beautiful watch and wallet set made from natural leather with a Timex watch. Each leather piece is hand made so every single one is different, the leather is only treated with Fiebings Mink Oil so the more you use the leather, the more it ages and gets better with time. I contacted Patrick and kindly he embossed the wallet for me (to make it even more unique) I was so pleased when he sent me them I was very tempted to keep them for myself, but, I now do have a very happy boyfriend. 

Scroll down for some more images of his amazing stuff!

Unique gifts that don't cost a fortune are hard to find these days, and it seems every brand has caught on to the idea of "diy chic" but it's genuinely nice to see truly great quality handmade produce. 

Thanks for reading.


  1. Next, I'm going to do a post on the socks I got YOU x

  2. Awesome pictures. You're a good writer, something I wish I was better at. Simple, clean, descriptive. I posted a link to your blog on my shop facebook page ( Not many followers yet but we're both totally on our way to being super famous.

    1. Thanks Patrick, I'm not great at writing, prefer my camera! I went to that facebook page but it took me to someones profile? Can you link me, I want to like! :)

  3. great presents, their shop looks grand. i've been looking for a leather nato strap too. i get a lot of compliments on my timex weekend. it's got a great looking face. nice post and good find