Death: A self portrait

I have had an fascination with all things skulls for a few years, it started with the lure of the bright colours and cartoon style illustrations from the Mexican festival "Day of the dead", now it has expanded to a general love of all things macabre. I knew that when I saw there was an exhibition which sole focus was on the image of the skull and the idea of death, I had to visit. 

Death: A Self Portrait at the Wellcome Collection in Euston, London is a showcase of an amazing collection by Richard Harris, a former Chicago based art dealer. The collection spans across 3 rooms, each looking at a certain aspect of death. The art ranges from sculptures, illustrations, photography, paintings to actual skulls. With ancient tribal pieces hundreds of years old to modern art pieces, it is a wonderfully eclectic collection from around the world and various religions. You weren't supposed to take photos...but I did try when I could (anarchy).

I loved the mixture of things on display in the exhibition, it was and is genuinely fascinating to see other culture's interpretation of death and by exploring this we can see that in fact Death is something that unites us all regardless of where we are from or what we believe in. 

The exhibition is running until the 24th February so not long left to go and see it. I bought the book to accompany the exhibition, which as far as exhibition books go is excellent, lots of nice high quality images of what was on display and further descriptives on the the subject. 
You can buy the book online here if you don't get chance to go to the exhibtion. 

Thanks for reading.