Ride on time...a current obsession with clocks

So I've been reminiscing about the 90's recently and by this I mean wearing crop tops that aren't too dissimilar from those I had when I was 7 and listening to classic 90's dance anthems....a particular favourite is Blackbox "Ride on time" inspired by this I've also been dreaming about interiors and wanted to show you some lovely time pieces that have caught my eye on the high street.

A clock is a beautiful thing, the ultimate piece in functionality. But with so many designs, they are arguably as important to the look of your house as any other home furniture you may buy. Whether you like vintage styles or ultra modern time pieces hopefully in my little list there will be something that takes your fancy, but before you get to them.....enjoy this.

1. "Black Ambassador Clock" by British company, Newgate. A great statement piece, I can see this in a black and white minimalist kitchen. £40 from Howkapow www.howkapow.com

2. For those who hate clutter and love their iphone this wooden iphone holder is perfect. A great blend of modern technology with natural materials. £55 Jonas Damon available from www.notonthehighstreet.com

3. Another clock from Newgate, this time the "Chrome Putney Clock", sleek, functional and a little bit fancy! £95 Howkapow www.howkapow.com 

4. If you want to make your clock the centre piece of your room you can't go wrong with this large flip clock, showing the time and date it's functionality right in your face. £129 from www.iloveretro.co.uk (be warned this clocks are not good for hanging in the bedroom, they are noisy!)

5. If you like a challenge when reading the time this wooden wall clock from Habitat is perfect, very simple and elegant; time telling stripped back. £35 Habitat from www.habitat.co.uk

6. Taking time telling to another level this ultra cool industrial clock made from a single sheet of steel would love great against the backdrop of exposed brick (please note I am not encouraging you to start taking of your plaster) £40 by Michael Siney available at www.howkapow.com

7. "Karlsson Relief Alarm Clock" your new statement time piece doesn't have to be hammered into the wall, this great table clock would love great next to your bed or on a side table in the living room, slighty wacky and 60s style, I think this clock is a great little statement piece. £30 from www.urbanoutifitters.co.uk

Thanks for reading!


  1. Karlsson do some really great and affordable clocks, for the price you you'd be hard pushed to find better designs. nice pics, that wooden ipod doc is ace