The day job...

I've been a busy bee recently with work so haven't been able to do much personal stuff. I was on our AW13/14 photoshoot last week and I was lucky enough to go and dress the male models :) We were over in the beautiful Dales and we got some great shots, here's some "behind the scenes" photos....just to show that photoshoots aren't all glamour (especially when you've been on the side of an exposed and windy hill for the best part of 12 hours) The fantastically talented Craig Fordham was the photographer...such a lovely man and a honour to work with. 

Some sheep attempting to get in on the action..


Time for the womenswear shoot

We do make the models work hard!

In the studio setting up interior shots..


  1. nice one, what is your roll at the company?

    1. My official title is "buying and marketing assistant" however because it's a small company I end up doing a bit of everything; web, graphics, designing, photoshoots, marketing, pr, cake making etc....ha! x