Dr Martens comes to Newcastle!

Newcastle has been undergoing a slight renaissance in the past year, with Grey Street completely transformed into the new "foodie" area and High Bridge Street fast becoming the place to go for gin and cocktails, things are certainly looking up for this fantastic, beautiful and completely underrated city (ok slightly biased, ha!).

So when I returned from Beacons Festival today I had a lovely little surprise through the post....the super cool and defiantly British brand Doc Martens has decided to make a home in Newcastle and I've received an invite to the launch party!

Opening it's doors on the 4th September the store is located at the top of Grainger Street and will cover a space of 1000ft (that's a lot of Doc Martens!) It's very exciting news and I have no doubt that Newcastle with it's rich history in punk in the 1980s and the new punk goth kids of today will make the perfect home for Doc Martens. I cannot wait to see what they have done with the store and I'll be doing a follow up post on the launch party! 

Awesome guy in his Docs next to the Monument in Newcastle in the 1980's

To celebrate the launch of the Newcastle store, Dr. Martens are going to launch a '#STANDFORSOMETHINGNCL Search' - a region-wide hunt for an authentic Newcastle Doc Martens wearer to star in its Spring/Summer 2015 #STANDFORSOMETHING international ad campaign. This will be a brill chance for Doc Marten wearers to share their love for the brand and their boots to the world and show everyone else what Newcastle is made of! To enter the competition local characters of any age will be asked to tweet their photo and a statement of what they stand for using @DRMARTENS #STANDFORSOMETHINGNCL throughout September.

Exciting stuff for Newcastle's high street, thanks for reading! 

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