ABC 3D - Pop up fun by Marion Bataille

I've never been the biggest traditional book reader, I've always been more interested in the visual side of things; whether it's a photography book, something with interesting binding, layout or made from unusual materials. A few weeks back I was on one of my favourite stationery sites Present and Correct when I found this book...

ABC 3D £16.50 by Marion Bataille.

Basically this book is amazing, and if like me you are fascinating by interaction, 3D objects and general mechanics of stuff you have to buy it! Each letter of the alphabet is given a unique pop up/3D element and it never gets boring. The entire book is only in red, black and white (very minimalist) 

My idea is to display the book open like a piece of art, I mean look how striking the H is! 

Close up detail on the "U"

 You can still buy the book online from Present and Correct, it would make a great present as it's slightly unusual, or you could treat yourself like I did.

Thanks for reading!