Packaging loveliness from Alphabet Bags

I love getting post, especially when whoever has posted it has put in that extra bit of effort. I wanted to blog about my recent purchase from Alphabet Bags. I just loved the extra thought that had gone into the wrapping. It's quirky things like this that keep customers coming back!

Started in 2008 by husband and wife team Hayley and Lucas, Alphabet Bags started with 26 letter printed cotton tote bags, since then the brand has gone on to enjoy huge success and now sells a variety of alphabet items! There is something really nice about having personalised items and the unique and simple designs have meant they appeal to a wide audience. Working in marketing I am always looking at how brands communicate with their customers. You hear it all the time but it's still very true: brands represent a lifestyle, so if your brand is welcoming, thoughtful and goes the extra mile, your customers will respond in the same way.

A lovely little surprise to come home to from work.

You can also push customers to share their purchases on social networks. 

Hello - can't beat some free stickers!

My most recent purchase, a lovely little make-up bag!

A previous Alphabet bag purchase...I love the letterpress style!

Check out their website which features really nice product photography, layout and inspiring blog. 

My favourite current Alphabet bags picks...
1. Iphone 4 case £12
5. Wash Bag £20

Thanks for reading!


  1. I agree, little extras make you take notice, tell people and mostly, smile! They can proper make your day. They seem like a stand-up team.