Only in England: An exhibition of photography by Tony Ray-Jones & Martin Parr

I've always been a fan of Martin Parr, I love his work and this candid style of photography, his photos capture such a mood and a feeling I could look at them for hours. When I read there would be a new Martin Parr exhibition down in London, I had to go and take a look. 

The exhibition called "Only in England" not only features work from Martin Parr but an photographer I've not previously heard of: Tony-Ray Jones. Born in Somerset, Jones was a prolific photographer during the 1960's capturing England at it's most vulnerable. A very similar style to modern day Parr, but perhaps less formal and staged. Frustrated at the "phoney baloney" photography of fashion, advertising and photojournalism Jones embarked on a journey around England, photographing the real people of the time. Sadly at the age of 30, Jones died of leukaemia, yet through Martin Parr painstakingly working through 2,500 contact sheets, this new exhibition showcases what a fantastic and truly innovative photographer Tony-Ray Jones was.

First up work by Tony-Ray Jones...

Around the exhibition there were glass cabinets which featured notes, contact sheets and general scribbles from Jones. It was a great insight into his mind, thoughts and his view on the photography. Naively I thought a lot of the photos were caught ad hoc, but by reading the notes and studying the hundreds of photos he actually took you realise that he knew exactly what he wanted to capture and why. 

Work by Martin Parr...

I thought the exhibition was curated really well, I love the way you could get snapshots of other people walking around the exhibition through the gaps in walls, it was almost like you were positioning yourself up to take a photo just like Parr or Jones. I would recommend a visit if you are a fan of Martin Parr or just portrait and documentary type photography.

The exhibition is on now and runs until 16th March 2014 at the Science Museum.
Entry is £8 (which I thought was a little steep) Find out more about the exhibition, the science museum and opening hours by visiting the Science Museum's website. 

You can find out more about Martin Parr and his work by viewing his dedicated Artsy Page.


  1. I'd like to see this, seeing into the minds with the notes is pretty interesting. £8 is ok I guess if you enjoyed it.

    Buckets & Spades

    1. It's on until January then I think it's moving up to Bradford :)