God Speed - the newest website for bike lovers

Do you like nice things? If this answer is yes then I'd like to introduce you to God Speed, Manchester's newest online store and a bike lovers dream! 

Seeing a gap in the market, Anna Brennan founded God Speed, the shop's aim is simple: 
"to bring you the very best in bike led design, bicycle culture and the finest accessories to adorn you and your trusty steed. Our shop is all about showcasing unique bicycle brands from around the world, demonstrating a real appreciation of contemporary design and most importantly, reminding you to enjoy your two wheels every day of the week." 

That last part about appreciation for contemporary design definitely rings true not only through the thoughtful hand picked products for sale, but through the graphic layout and photography (which is Anna's first craft) Even if you didn't own a bike, the way the products are presented you will be tempted to buy them and have them decorate your home. 

The website is easy to navigate and features a really nice graphic handwriting throughout (clean and angular my fave!) Stocking some great independent brands that cover clothes to baskets there's everything for the cycling amateur up to the two wheeled pro. 

As well as the online store the site also has a blog, which already features some great interviews with Bookman and The Ride journal.

I've picked out a few of my favourite things from God Speed...

1. Super sharp flat disk bell in a lovely brass finish from Sogreni £35
2. Why hide your bike in a cupboard when you can hang on the wall like art? Bike hanger £280
3. Handwoven and completely unique in design, these baskets are so lovely you could use them in your home Handwoven basket £45
4. Frame or send this delightful illustrated card by Ruby Taylor. Bike sis card £2.95
5. Bike lights can be a real pain, these pocket size lights for Bookman are super practical and super cool. Bookman lights "spoked salmon" £16.95
6. For the minimalists out there try these aluminum and oak straight bars...they're definitely a talking point. Oak handlebars £60
7. Handmade in San Francisco these Molletta bicycle straps will keep your feet exactly where you need them. Biciband Red £25

It's so good to see a new independent shop open, so help support Anna and visit the www.godspeedshop.co.uk now and don't forget you can like God Speed on Facebook, Twitter and Google +

Thanks for reading :) 


  1. This is going on in Manchester (online), amazing to hear. The logo and site looks so nice, count me in as a fan.

    Buckets & Spades