Instagram of the week: Beautiful paper cut outs by Laura Gilbert

It's amazing what you find on instagram, I was just sat browsing through what my followers like (sounds more stalker like than it is) and I stumbled across the most incredible paper cut artwork so now I wanted to share her work with you. Laura Gilbert is based in Manchester working a day job as a learning support mentor and at night she is an illustrator and paper cutter, bringing whimsical and macabre images to life in a very unique and precious way. She is my "Instagram of the week" Here are some images from her instagram feed...

I liked her illustrations so much I decided to purchase one from Laura's Etsy Page for my friend's (also called Laura) birthday! Amazingly I was Laura's first Etsy customer yay! (mainly because she takes commissions from instagram) I got the cut out unframed and then I mounted in out 360gms textured paper using little foam pieces to lift it off the page.

A  close up to show how it's slightly lifted on the back card. 

Get following Laura on her instagram page and add her to your favourites on Etsy.


  1. These are lovely, really cool find. I'm going to check her stuff out.

    Buckets & Spades