Kitty Valentine - Victorian Macabre Paintings

I've always had an obsession with the macabre, my bedroom is scattered with skull imagery (and an actual roe skull), mexican day of the day pictures and sepia photos of Victorian men in uniform, so when I came across Kitty Valentine's work on Etsy I knew I had to share it with you. Kitty is based in London and works from her converted Victorian workshop producing some absolutely exquisite pieces. So what does she paint? well in her own words:
 "I politely deface victorian photographs, faded lithographs and old french postcards."

I am so amazed at the delicate nature of her brush strokes (something I've never been able to master) The photos are eerie but strangely fascinating and subtle, and at £9.45 each they are an amazing price. 

You can buy Kitty's artwork from her Etsy shop by clicking here.
You can find out more about Kitty on her Facebook & Twitter.

What do you think to Kitty's macabre creations?

Thanks for reading :) 


  1. I don't honestly usually go for thinks like this but there's definitely something drawing me to them, quite surreal aren't they.

    Buckets & Spades