Inspirational Industrial Homeware

When I think of homeware trends I tend to think of floral scatter cushions, fairy lights and "shabby chic", trends that have been dominant for (too many) years now. Well this year there is a new, more manly, homeware trend in town, which has a distinctly more industrial flavour. 

Think robust, hard and flat materials like concrete, marble, metal and stone. Materials that have previously only been used for exteriors or floors have crept into the homeware section. But rather than being cold and uninviting, you have something rather more beautiful, sculptural and delicate. I've picked some of my favourite pieces to give you some industrial inspiration. 

1. Etsy is a goldmine for concrete related homeware and it's a great place to get inspiration. I love this concrete lamp, it's painted gold inside which gives a nice contrast against the matt grey. Handmade in Berlin, each one is handmade so you know you are getting something truly unique. Concrete hanging lamp £121.50 GANTlights on Etsy. 

2. I have ALWAYS wanted one of these boards! They are hard to come by and can often be way over priced and too tiny to be practical. Well the guys over at Harrop and Penny have come to the rescue and stock them in 3 great sizes. They are made in England too! Noticeboard £40.

3. Another gold/concrete combo, this time on a wonderful geometric succulent planter. Perfect to add a little greenery to your desk or around the house if you don't have a garden. £44.96 from ConcreteGeometric on Etsy

4. Previously only used as a murder weapon on Cluedo the candlestick has been having a bit of a renaissance of late. I love the marble patterns contrasted against the smooth shiny surface of the copper. Chunk of Marble Small by Menu £48 available from The Goodhood Store.

5. There is something very satisfying about changing the date on a perpetual calendar, this one is made in England by Green & Blue and changes like a church hymn board, lovely stuff! Perpetual calendar in Navy Blue £65 available from Dyke and Dean

6. Who needs a lamp shade when this bulb is practically a work of art in itself!? Nearly 20cm in length, it's a whopper so watch your head. Globe mega Edison filament bulb £20 from Dyke and Dean.

7. Paperweight, book end, table decoration? Whatever you want to use it for this geo shaped cement piece is a great price and an easy to way to invest in the industrial trend. Geo shape by Serax available £12 from The Goodhood Store. 

8. Don't be confused by the cold marble exterior, this cushion is 100% silk, feather and down stuffed softness. Marble cushion grey by Ferm living £57 available from The Goodhood Store. 

9. These replica milk bottles do lean on the "shabby chic" side of things but with a cool slate grey paint job they definitely have an industrial feel. Porcelain replica vintage milk bottle £21.96 from urbancartel on Etsy. 

Do you like what I've picked? Have I inspired anyone to head down to their local B&Q to pick up a bag of cement? Thanks for reading :) 


  1. i like what you've picked yeah. i'd also love one of those signs, and also a peg board, have you seen those?

    Buckets & Spades

  2. Yes I do! I remember having one when I was little and it came with all these little coloured pegs to make shapes, if only I knew then they'd become trendy,ha!