Volunteering in Nigeria

I have some very exciting news to share with you all. With a heavy heart I have decided to leave my job and in October I will be venturing to Nigeria for 3 months as part of the International Citizen Service (ICS) to volunteer with Volunteer Services Overseas (VSO) ICS is a UK government-funded development programme that brings together 18 to 25-year-olds from all backgrounds to fight poverty in overseas and UK communities.

It was a tough decision to make as I love my job but I've always wanted to volunteer. I'm so excited for the next chapter and curious for the places I'll see and the people I'll meet. I'm hoping to be part of something that can make a real difference to someones life, I'm under no illusion that in 3 months I'm going to have built an orphanage, hospital, school and adopted 20 children but if I can help in any way or contribute to the bigger picture of fighting poverty then I will be so honored. 

Whilst I am in Nigeria I will be living and working in the Imota and Ijede communities in the Ikorodu area (South of the country next door to Lagos) and I will be undertaking my volunteering with the Women advocates research and documentation center (WARDC) which was established in 2000 to promote respect for human rights, gender equality, youth development, equity and social justice. The organisation's specific objectives are:
  • Advancing education, research and self-development and positive change in society.
  • Promoting gender equality as a principle of human rights and a development role.
  • Advocating for the re-balancing between men and women in terms of resources, legal rights, participation and equal relations.
  • Emphasising the specific needs of young people in order to promote justice development and the achievement of equality in policies, laws and social relations.
  • Contributing positively to the advancement of the legal system in Nigeria that will support development.
  • Promote a governance system that is people-orientated.
I'm hoping there will be internet at some points so I will be able to keep you all updated and I will be taking my camera to document it which I'll post on here on my return.

There's just one more thing...I need to raise £800 for VSO. This will allow them to continue to bring about positive change in the developing communities where they work. This £800 does not pay for my trip or anything to do with my placement as this has already been paid for by the government. The money I raise will enable to great work of VSO & ICS to carry on around the world, empowering young people and women and helping to fight poverty!

If you would like to sponsor me you can do so by clicking here. I would be so grateful for any donation.

You can find out more about VSO and ICS by visiting their websites.


  1. That's excellent news Charlotte and very brave to pack your job it to do something you're passionate about. I've just made a small donation. Wishing you look for the 3 months away.

    Buckets & Spades

    1. Thanks again for your donation mister! It's very generous and very kind.
      Eeep yes a bit of a leap of faith but life is too short :)

      Hopefully I'll be able to blog a bit when I'm out there, find out more about Nigerian menswear style?! x