An Interview with Studio NL - Part 1

Formed in 2013, Studio NL (formally known as Naked Lunge) make a range of homeware, screen printed items, stationery and accessories, they also stock a carefully curated range of products by other designers and creatives from around the world. As well as an online store, they have a physical studio store which you can visit in the beautiful Leicestershire countryside. 

We interviewed founder Rox Webster to find out more about this wonderful shop, what inspires her, and what makes a perfect day.

Who are you?
Rox Webster, A maker and shop owner.

Where do you both come from and how did you end up in Leicestershire?
I’m originally from high fields close to the city centre. I studied at Leicester collage, I took Fine Art and Textiles. When I finished my A levels I wanted to earn money, going to university wasn't an option for me. So I moved to Manchester and started working in sales and customer service. I worked with luxury goods and clothing at Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Flannels over the twelve years I was In Manchester. My husband Scott, has always been in fashion, he works for Lee Jeans and with me at the weekends. We married and had a little girl in Manchester, so we’ve got strong ties up north.
However Scott was commuting to London with work most days and it wasn't ideal. So we moved to Leicestershire near to Market Harborough, with a short commute to London.

How and why was Naked Lunge born?
2 years ago I started working on a handful of illustrations, cards and wrapping paper, I needed a brand name and Naked Lunge sound pretty catchy, something you’d remember. I started small, I set up the website and slowly started producing more work.

Why did you decide to re-brand to StudioNL?
As we started to work with children’s retailers and be more involved in making children’s goods, we thought we’d change the name to something “internet friendly” So we thought it best to split Naked Lunge into two businesses, Young Double, which is mainly wholesale of our children's goods, clothing and dolls. Studio NL is a creative lifestyle store, a shop, workshop, a place to be creative and to share other makers and brands that sit well with our own goods.

Where do you find inspiration?
In the most unlikely places. People mainly, I’m a good listener and value all advise. I like to please, service is a big part of my job and I feel the most important. Other inspirations, faces, black and white photos, characters, mythology, old buildings, its hard to pin down one thing.

Favourite piece currently in the shop?
I have a few favourites, one piece is the Wrong for HAY Tela Carafe. Its made by blowing the glass into a fabric mould, when the glass has cooled its left with stitches + seems imposed onto
the glass, genius!

Do you think, with consumers being overwhelmed with mass produced items, the need and desire for unique products has increased?
I think so, I go out of my way to find some thing different, I think my customers do to. Quality is important, also a story behind the design process.

You run craft classes in your studio and around the country, how has the response and feedback to these been?
The aim of the workshops is to share what I’ve learnt and to show others that they can do it to. I’ve met some lovely folk and learnt a few things myself. I found out I was dyslexic a few years ago and the best way for me to learn is to see how its done rather than read how its done, so for me to share this is a big part of my job.

Up and coming designer to look out for? 
There’s loads, I'm buzzing over Frama at the moment. A duo based in Copenhagen, their furniture and lighting is pretty brilliant.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Somewhere were the pollen count is low and the food is good.

You never leave home without... 
My Jstory planner. I look like I know what I'm doing if I carry it around.

Describe a perfect day... 
A perfect day would be getting through my emails and still have time to make something.

Favourite room in your home? 
Bedroom, clutter free, no work, just a place to rest.

If you could have any other job what would it be? 
A marine biologist.

We hope you fee inspired by Rox's answers, you can check out her wonderful stores by clicking the links below:

In Part 2 we'll be sharing our favourite items from the store!