The Hepworth Gallery, Wakefield

The Hepworth is a relatively new art gallery, opening in 2011 and designed by renowned architect David Chipperfield. With it's imposing structure sitting right on the banks of the wild river Calder which flows through the heart of historic Wakefield. Now part of the esteemed Yorkshire Sculpture Triangle (4 galleries across Yorkshire) it has brought much needed creativity and culture to the town. The building itself is a work of art, jutting out of the water with it's sharp angles and concrete texture.

The gallery had two exhibitions on when we visited, the first was about the work of Wakefield born Babarba Hepworth (who the gallery is named after no less) an amazingly talented artist whose chosen media was mainly sculpture. Beautiful organic shapes cast from bronze, marble and other natural materials (or made from man made and given a natural look) Born in 1903 she was not only hugely important for the exposure and success of British art around the world, but she paved the way for man women artists.

Beautiful shapes in Barbara Hepworth's work.

The second exhibition was by famed photographer Martin Parr. Born in Epsom his body of work has spanned over 40 years and he still as prolific today in his work. You can find out more about Martin and see more of his work over on his dedicated Artsy page. 

The exhibition, entitled 'The Rhubarb Triangle & other stores' was specially commissioned by the gallery. The project was completed over a 12 month period by Parr and it documents the back-breaking work forced rhurbarb production takes in the infamous rhurbarb triangle, the area between Wakefield, Morley and Rothwell which is famed for it's perfect soil conditions to grow rhubarb.

The images in the exhibition are very much in keeping with Parrs style; vivid colours, high contrast and the wonderful way in which he captures everyday life of normal people. Alongside the rhubarb exhibition photos are a small selection of his older work, spanning from his photos taken around Hebden Bridge (our favourites) to his latest pieces.

The exhibition is on now and finishes on 16th June.

The gallery is a wonderful space and we can't wait to see what other exhibitions they'll be showing in the next few months.

Find out more about the Hepworth and Martin Parr's exhibition by visiting the Hepworth website.