An interview with...Dean Martindale

If you haven't heard of Dean yet, then where have you been?! His work has exploded over the past year and he is cropping up all over the place. Shooting for top brands like Coach, Puma, Adidas and even having a print sold in Urban Outfitters. We were lucky to interview him to find out more about this rising photographer. 
Who are you?
I’m Dean Martindale. London based photographer. Select clients include Adidas, Nike, Puma, Coach. I made the move into freelance in March 2015. 

You are originally from the North, how did you end up in London?
Having worked in retail for over a decade with stores such as End based in Newcastle, I felt like i achieved what i wanted in the retail side of things. I moved to London and did menswear buying for year which was a good experience but i felt i needed to follow my passion which is photography. 

You shoot a lot of fashion portraits, was this a deliberate choice when you started out or something you thing has been shaped from your previous experience?
I’ve always been interested in how brands portray their look book and styling. Also being an avid reader of certain sites such as Hypebeast and Complex, I’m photography element of brands caught my eye.

Your first camera was...

It was a Canon 550d. Sold it on ebay, kind of wish i hung on to it as it was what go me hooked on photography. 

Your favourite shot/campaign you've done?
I’ve been very fortunate to work with some top brands and I’ve had some great experiences along the way. Coach are always great to shoot for. I’ve had the chance to shoot people such as Debbie Harry, Kid Cudi, The Kooks and Mark Ronson with them. 

Where do you find inspiration?
Music mainly. The styles of music i listen to change on a daily basis so i guess its what mood of music I’m listening to can reflect on what i want to shoot or even how i edit. I also gain inspiration from other photographers. Instagram is a great source for this as there’s so much great talent out there. Inspiration is everywhere. I do take inspiration from the guys who started End. They’re the same age as me and they took a chance and gave something a go and it’s rewarded them hugely. They’ve done so well and it’s great to see it coming from the north.

Who are your favourite photographers?
I’m a huge fan of Jamel Shabazz. He is a great street photographer and captured the urban New York B-Boy scene when it took off. 

What's been the most surprisingly element of your job?

Getting the chance to work with top names in the game. It always surprises me that they want to work with me. 

Instagram is awash with budding photographers, how did you get your work out there and your voice heard?
I just kept my head down and shot every spare minute i had. I have so much drive and passion to do well in this field and i want to learn every aspect i can. I know i’ll always be learning but it’s so rewarding coming off a shoot and getting the shots needed.

What are your plans for the future?
Photography is a constant learning curve. I’ll never reach the top as i’m always chasing that. That’s the fun in it. I hope to be working on bigger campaigns and i want to improve on studio photography.

Questions we ask everyone..

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
L.A. Insane place.

You never leave home without...
My camera… standard

Describe a perfect day…
A lie in to start. London in the sun is the best place to be. Whether im shooting or even just relaxing in park.. going for food/drinks. Just hanging out is always perfect.

Favourite room in your home?
BED !!!… or editing at my computer listening to music.. It’s therapeutic.

To see more of Dean's amazing work you can go to his website or give him a follow on Instagram 

If you could have any other job what would it be?
Tough one as I love my job now and could never imagine not doing it. 

Favourite place to party in London?

East London mainly. Shoreditch/Dalston

Favourite place to relax in London?
The parks in the Summer are the best. The vibe is awesome in this city.