Luke Stephenson: An Incomplete Dictionary of Show Birds

A fellow North Easterner, Luke Stephenson has gone on to become a much celebrated and well regarded photographer. In his career spanning over 10 years, as well as being showcased in the worlds leading magazine and newspaper titles; The New York times, Wallpaper and The Guardian among others, he has published two books, the first 'An Incomplete Dictionary of Show Birds' back in 2012, the book is now experiencing fresh coverage from a new audience thanks to an exhibition at the Photographer's gallery, London.

The book, much like most of Luke's work, is an ode to British eccentricity, devoted to the relativity unknown art of show birds. The intricate patterns and texture of these tiny birds plumage captured by Luke against a wonderful flatness and expanse of colour gives the photographs a oil painting feel. 

The exhibition runs at The Photographer's Gallery London until 19th February. Open 7 days a week.
There is a also large scale versions of the prints being showcased at Selfridges 'In Fine Feather' exhibition until April 7th.